Two Worlds Combo Ticket For each Double Discount purchased you receive:
  • Salt Museum Salt Blast Pass
    • 1 Gallery Tour
    • 1 Dark Ride
    • 1 Salt Mine Express Train Ride

  • Cosmosphere All-Day Mission Pass
    • 1 Digital Dome Documentary Film
    • 1 Planetarium Show
    • 1 Dr. Goddard’s Lab Show
    • 1 Hall of Space Museum Admission


Let's make sure the Double Discount will work for you.

To see if the Double Discount for the Kansas Underground Salt Museum and the Kansas Cosmosphere & Space Center
is appropriate for your visit, please answer these four questions and hit submit at the bottom.

Yes No Are you planning your trip to Hutchinson at least two days in advance?
After purchasing the Double Discount, you still must make reservations at each Museum. So you need to allow time to take care of those phone calls and make sure you have a hoist departure time at the Salt Museum and show times at the Cosmosphere reserved. Please note that show time reservations can be made a maximum of two weeks in advance of your Cosmosphere visit and that the Salt Museum is closed Mondays, except for major holidays.
Yes No Will you be coming within the next six months?
The Double Discount does expire six months from the date of purchase and is not refundable. We also want to remind you that your show time reservations at the Cosmosphere can only be made within two weeks of your visit.
Yes No Will you have enough time here to fully enjoy both Museums?
Because there is so much to see and do at each Museum, we encourage you to consider doing it over two days -- and it doesn’t necessarily have to be two consecutive days.

However, you can work both Museums into one day...if you allocate at least 7 hours and plan to visit the Salt Museum first, starting in the morning, followed by the Cosmosphere in the afternoon. Be sure to make reservations accordingly.
Yes No Are there children under the age of 4 coming with you?
Age is not a factor at the Cosmosphere. However, you need to know that mine safety regulations do not allow children under the age of 4 to go underground, so they cannot go down to the Salt Museum.